Welcome to the Schloss Bräustüberl

Your royal restaurant and Biergarten in Hohenschwangau

The Schloss Bräustüberl

Down-to-earth, rustic and cosy: in the Schloss Bräustüberl with the Alpseestube and the Biergarten, you will experience the romance of the Allgäu Alps up close. The Schloss Bräustüberl is the perfect starting point for your hike or even to stop for a bite to eat after your descent from Neuschwanstein Castle. 

Food & Drinks

The Bavarian way of life comes to our table in the form of authentic inn cuisine. Meat, sausage and cheese specialities come from our farm butchery and cheese dairy. The best accompaniment - what else - is a freshly tapped beer from the König Ludwig Castle Brewery.
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Private parties & banquets

Whether it's a private party or a corporate event, the Schloss Bräustüberl offers a very special setting for every occasion.
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At Schloss Bräustüberl you and your group will simply eat well! Because the Bavarian way of life is served here in the form of authentic inn cuisine. Depending on the season, you can sit in our spacious, cosy parlour or under the trees in our sunny Biergarten - always with a view of the Alpine panorama and the Ludwig castles.

Schloss Bräustüberl culinary events!

Discover our culinary delights with our event highlights.
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The Schloss Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau is a house with a long tradition, learn all about its history.
Historische Ortsansicht
Alpsee Schlösser

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday

11:30 AM – 09:00 PM

The kitchen closes one hour before.

Directions & Parking

You can find all information about parking on site at the following link:



Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau Aussenansicht
Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau Aussenansicht Restaurant
Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau Aussenansicht
Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau Parr Aussen Schloss Platte
Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau Speisekarte
Deftige Mahlzeit
Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau Platte Speisen Food
Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau Deftiges Gericht Food Speisen
Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau Weisswurst Speisen Food
AMERON Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort & Spa Restaurant Bräustüberl Eingang gedeckt
Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau Innenbereich
Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau Innenbereich